There’s a little park nearby where they recently planted about 100 trees, with each planting mulched in. Now, mycelium likes to hitchhike around the country in hardwood mulch so I always check for mushrooms in any landscaped property I visit. I call these mulchrooms now. I know it looks like they’re growing in grass, but the grass has edged into the plantings, and fungi likes to spread into surrounding territory. Every patch of mushrooms I find there is either in or near the edge of one of these plantings.

The Lunatics

We perceive the passage of time
as a measure of recollection 

Like the settling of hallucinations
into layers of sediment
to be mined for passages, anecdotes
the high points, and low
in memoirs and hagiographies
in oral histories, and fables

We are, in short, lunatics

Cut loose from reality
planting flags into scraps
of phantasmagoria and dream
with a dedication and purpose
that is a marvel to behold

The Penny

The penny by thousands
      won't go very far
But the fewer you have
      the dearer they are
When you count them all up
      and it's fewer than four
Toss'em into a fountain
      and wish for some more

FAQ for Boomers

Q. What does the plus stand for in LGBTQ+ ?
A. All the other letters.

Q. Why does it start with the "L" ?
A. You want to tell the Lesbians they can't be first?

Q. Not me.
A. That's what I thought.

Q. What if I'm NOT confused about my sexual or gender identity?
A. Okay, Boomer.

(I’m not in any way hostile to anyone in the rainbow spectrum. Just having a little fun.)