aphidic bluegray notions

silversiding mistcrammed pots
in birdstreaked, heavenfold atriums
milk of chatty pinkshades

these prizecobbling cloudroses
ignite the eyeball’s glowcubbies

invertebrate backbone of night
busy umbrellaed visionaries
eggshell sprinkle tender skyplots

many aphidic bluegray notions
salt the caustic shakers

tectonic nightingales hold
in the logjam of scantdreaming

break fast at dawngleam
unthinking bud of bloom
raypeeking the optic nerve

along daynight’s easement



pristine, it means untouched
by loving hands, or brandished

weapons, be all astound
my enemies in this life

reflect a broken bond of love
in a previous tour of this round

and we, who believe in karma
are not much crazier than you, who

keep living it, I have found

Shoe Leather

Breathe us | fragile lives
Scholars of immortality
Shoe leather knows
A thing or two about walking

For each | a day bubbles
Up Like a fountain of youth
Under the climbing sun’s
Ambling summons

How did Shakespeare
Put it | whilst this machine
Is to him | cuffed
By law to this

Holding cell of
Flesh | straight jacket
Of bodily sensation
Interrogated there | outpaced
By thoughts


I bark at the bathroom mirror
dark with its memories
of unshaven face.

I shine, like the moon
with a light from elsewhere.

Full of myself, like the moon
our appearances in the world
dictated by cyclic spin
or worse, calendars.

I fade, like the moon
dimmed by fleeting clouds.

My madness perks up its ears
the jitters, looking for skin
to crawl, come moonrise.