Damn Smart Hamster

Dizzy on the roundabout
We busy bodies raise a cheer
Tomorrow always comes, but never
Comes precisely in the way
We thought it would, now let us pray

When the next thing beckons
Say you wait a tick, hold on
The thing that came before has yet
Been done, or even well begun
So up again and at it, son

This time it won’t be at all
Like all the other times
You’ll see, the glory’s mine
Before I die I’ll make my mark
Get on it soon, the falling dark

Too much on your hands this
Stuff, this passing thing
This time, this beating wing
Not enough at hand, but wait
More coming, knocking at the gate

Footfall one upon the other
Look about, what do you see
No minister of fate, a
Damn smart hamster on a wheel
Keep it spinning, that’s the deal

Damn Smart Hamster first appeared in this blog on September 4th, 2016.



wobbling equators
stippled with queenly bees
in the leaf green light
pathogens and spermatozoa

fractal rabbits, weeds
to seeds: all that’s made is
in the making, thumbed index
to the book of life

every fold, every crevasse
swollen with ripeness
even the crossing signals
seem to urge us lovingly

Day and Night

swallow the sky
your sphere is a throat
taking away hunger

fly away into the sky
with the many swollen
empty stomachs

being in the sky
counting on your rosary
the blues liberated from color

deity in the night
empty the clinging motes
of their daytime visions

Chika on the Tarmac

leaving St. Louis
where it is raining
in a way familiar
to everyone

traveling with me
is The Collected Poems
of Chika Sagawa

and a cabin full
of murmuring word crafters

they are rehearsing
some of their works-in-progress
practicing perhaps for
an upcoming reading

the pilot reads to us
a poem about the miracle of flight
and the flight attendants
perform a delightful mime

Chika Sagawa says:

“I whistle and they come back
from deep in the sky.
So that there is no chance
of drowning in the endless colors.”

engines roar and
our upright seat backs
hug us deeply

we take off


(excerpt from the poem entitled Late Gathering by Chika Sagawa. Line breaks added.)


busy airport, chaos
joins with miraculous activity
a rock pigeon appears outside
the boarding gate window
with a blue plastic binding strap
in its bill

we too are nest building
migrating, seasonal, nervous egg-layers
flyers, travelers, heady anthill hub
wheeled bags tick-ticking
across the tiles

bringing bits of nest material
with us as carry-on luggage
we jockey for the aisle seats
strange birds, the lot of us
born wingless, yet
we fly


April 27, 2018, Newark, New Jersey

aphidic bluegray notions

silversiding mistcrammed pots
in birdstreaked, heavenfold atriums
milk of chatty pinkshades

these prizecobbling cloudroses
ignite the eyeball’s glowcubbies

invertebrate backbone of night
busy umbrellaed visionaries
eggshell sprinkle tender skyplots

many aphidic bluegray notions
salt the caustic shakers

tectonic nightingales hold
in the logjam of scantdreaming

break fast at dawngleam
unthinking bud of bloom
raypeeking the optic nerve

along daynight’s easement