A blog for my writing, apart from my (mostly bird) photography blog. The servers over at the wayback machine must be bulging with the remains of my many now abandoned blogs and websites. Alas. In a previous life on Twitter I was once known as @crankfetter

Items posted here under the tag or category Haiku are of the loosest interpretation of that term. They are three line poems which attempt to evoke something beyond the boundaries of their own terse reports, which is what everyone on the internet calls a Haiku. If there is a better term for this, I’d like to know it.


The Starfish is an animal of the class Asteroidea which means star-like. Sutra is a Sanskrit word that means “string” or “thread”.

(CW) All words and unattributed images here are my own and are copywiggled which means if you want to copy something from this site you must instead laugh and wiggle around and then decide not to do it, at least not without polite attribution. Thank you. Best wishes always.

The starfish emblem was acquired free from pixabay.com