2017 #MeToo Haiku Revue


    each conquest a brick
    now tied to his flabby neck
    long walk on short pier


    as young as they were
    he felt they were old enough
    and we do mean felt


    the king of standup
    single handedly ruined
    all self pleasuring


    he read Lolita
    as a self-help dating guide
    Alabama rules


Film Haiku No. 3

Rounders (1998)
Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Gretchen Mol, #spoilers


a dodgy friendship
ensnared by his loyalties
missteps and hard knocks


an interest in law
interferes with his calling
this hold’em genius


Teddy’s cookie tells
that ace could not have helped him
he flops a nut straight

Haiku Night School

counting syllables
familiar has three or four
here I argue three


the third line departs
from the imagery evoked
but not completely


is there Zen in this
master strikes me with his cane
my scribbles burning


a pointed dunce cap
the fool will wear it in shame
the wise just wear it


the class is dismissed
what all did you learn today
some eraser smears