an innocent thought
effects follow like shadows
drought and flood alike


karma ripening
shaping on its potter’s wheel
goblins of the night


conceptual frames
stacked together so neatly
this game has no end


(illustration by me, 2009)



close quarters, then
to halves, of a kind of whole
our defacto embrace

yet the math of one, and one
bristle as two, are brimming
as one, a rebuffed topology

pushing in


fledgling Blue Jay
seems bewildered to be
in the world, what
a peculiar urge

to leave the nest, without
a second thought
to do, and do and rest

in a place where
every moment is
a kind of birth canal
squeezing us out, into
the next, and for what

—to do our best

Young Blue Jay photographed June 28th, 2018, in Galveston, TX where they are said to be somewhat rare.

White Wing

I’ve always a weak attachment to food
In the kitchen I’m an interloper, mending fences
A field hand to the duties of my own appetite

But here I am, bare feet on the linoleum
Rudimentary gut signals begging for nourishment
Appear to me as cravings for salt, or sugar

And I keep feeding this fount of desires
Rolling up some scrambled eggs in tortillas
While outside, a white-winged dove coos:

Who? Who? Who cooks for you?

Feline System Alert


Device low on cat hair
Please replenish residual deposits
On drum and all paper paths
Drum access door is open

Cat box need cleaning
Cat food bowl low on
Most expensive prescription kibble
Money can buy, please replenish

Cat maintenance scheduled event
Not detected – Cat unhappiness alert
Cat nap disturbance alert

Sanity alert – high levels
Of human dignity detected
Increase attention to cat needs
To maintain dignity levels
Below cat-required thresholds

Human in cat’s favorite chair detected
System critical alert
Human malfeasance near peak levels
Cat not petted in right spot
No purring detected